Schloss Lieser | Thomas Haag à Lieser, Mosel

Onderstaande onderscheiding (wijnmaker van het jaar 2015 volgens Gault & Millau Duitsland) introduceert Schloss Lieser als geen ander:

Met gepaste trots kan ik u melden dat dit topdomein is toegevoegd aan het assortiment van Van Steenderen Wines vanaf oogstjaar 2014...Inmiddels hebben we van bepaalde wijnen ook al 2015 in huis, beide jaren schitterend en toonaangevend voor het jaartal!
Naast de maximale waardering van Gault&Millau Deutschland heeft Weingut Schloss Lieser ook de maximale scores binnengehaald van Eichelmann en der Feinschmecker. Kort gezegd: hoogste niveau Rieslings van Duitsland!!!

Vintage Report by Mosel Fine Wines 

“The Independent Review of Mosel Riesling” By Jean Fisch and David Rayer

Thomas and Ute Haag quite frankly see 2017 as another challenging vintage, due to the heavy losses in the growing season: “The frost in April affected all our parcels but it hit us hardest in our best vineyards, where the flowering was already well advanced, and none more so than in those from Brauneberg to Wehlen. We started our harvest early, on September 25, as we wanted to make sure that we had the time to make the right selections in each vineyard: We took four full weeks to complete the harvest. Following the frost, there were quite some differences in ripeness and level of botrytis impact on each vine and sometimes on each bunch! We went through each of our more than 80 parcels at least three times. There was not much botrytis but we put some extra efforts in the second and third week to secure some botrytized fruit. The vintage required a lot of work but we are really pleased with the finished wines, which show good ripeness as well as great balance thanks to the vintage’s refreshing acidity.”

Despite the losses in yields, the Estate was able to make its usual collection of wines including seven GGs and three botrytis-affected Auslese GK. This year, the collection is crowned by two TBA bottlings (one from the Niederberg Helden and one from the Doctor, the former will be sold via regular channels whereas no decision has yet been made for the latter). In addition, the Estate produced a Spätlese from the Doctor and an Auslese GK from the Wehlener Sonnenuhr which will be sold at this year’s Trier Auction. The range of Kabinett wines now also includes one from the Niederberg Helden.

As so often, the unique strength of Schloss Lieser lies in its versatility: Also in 2017, the Estate produced some real successes in all stylistic directions and at all levels. The wines display intense clean and ripe aromatics and great balance between presence and zesty acidity. The dry Estate Kabinett is a huge success and the Piesporter Goldtröpfchen bottlings in the fruity-styled collection are particularly strong in 2017. But really, there is not one simple wine in the collection: All wines are, as usual, highly recommended. In addition to the 2017 collection, we had the chance to taste the amazing 2016er Bernkasteler Doctor GG, which is one of the finest dry Riesling ever from the Mosel. We added this tasting as reference here.

PS: The two TBAs were not yet ready for tasting. The two auction wines will be reviewed in the dedicated Issue to be released ahead of the Auction and the GGs will be reviewed in the October Issue.